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              Who we are

              We are the national body for social enterprise – business with a social or environmental mission.

              Climate Change and the Environment

              In the run up to COP26 we are putting together 26 pieces of content from case studies and opinion pieces to videos and interviews to showcase the amazing work of social enterprises in addressing the climate emergency and demonstrating how to make climate justice a business reality.

              SEUK Members

              Find social enterprises you can buy from using our Buy Social Directory and have a look at our members map to find a social enterprise near you.

              No Going Back - State of Social Enterprise Survey 2021

              No Going Back – The State of Social Enterprise Survey 2021 is the latest state of the sector report written by Social Enterprise UK and supported by Barclays. It shows that in spite of the challenges of the pandemic, social enterprises are delivering economically, environmentally and socially

              About Membership


              Read more

              We currently partner with organisations as diverse as Johnson & Johnson, NHS England and the World Bank but are always keen to explore new relationships – we would be delighted to hear from you.

              Read more

              Latest News

              Press Releases

              • New pan-European initiative launched to make supply chains fairer and more sustainable

                Diversity, inclusion and sustainability are higher than ever on the agenda for procurement professionals as leading corporations look to their purchasing power as a means to achieving positive social and environmental outcomes. In a push to contribute to an inclusive and sustainable post-COVID recovery, forward-thinking companies are opening up their supply chains to social enterprises – businesses with a social or environmental mission. Now a new partnership of global corporations and social enterprise bodies promises to make this form of trade far more common across Europe in the years to come.Read more

              • Social Enterprise UK response to Labour's new deal for working people

                Our response to Labour's new deal for working people which was launched at Impact Hubs Kings Cross, a social enterprise and SEUK memberRead more

              • Sodexo and Nestlé sign up to the Buy Social Corporate Challenge

                Sodexo and Nestlé are the latest signatories to the Buy Social Corporate Challenge, the initiative which sees high-profile businesses use their everyday spending to transform lives.Read more

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